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lect01 - UCF Physics AST 5765/4762(Advanced Astronomical...

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UCF Physics: AST 5765/4762: (Advanced) Astronomical Data Analysis Fall 2008 Lecture Notes: 1. Introduction 1 Summary Pre-Class: Update Lab OS Update Lab Python Prepare class disk space Prepare class web site Ensure enough space to work Prepare skeleton user account template, including Python variables Confirm Python path gets astro library Copy handouts Test out projector zoom and pan, fill screen, focus Test students’ dotfiles Test emacs+Python, help browser, astro library Copy handouts, demos, visuals to planets Lecture: Introduction Linux Intro Lab Logs/Emacs Handouts: Syllabus Account Application Learning Linux emacs-cheat-sheet vnc-on-mac HW1 2 Instructors, Lab: 10:30 — 10:40, 10 min Introduce me and class topic Welcome to the SCALE-UP trailer Explain getting account data first, then class intro Account applications (sysmgr to do) Review PL101 procedures 3 course computer rules: 1
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You may not look at other people’s files without their permission, You cannot expect privacy online, Personal use will be dealt with without warning. Questions? 3 Introduction: 10:40 — 11:05, 25 min Handouts Split grad/ugrad class Review schedule and course approach/organization Review syllabus Discuss peer evaluation Books (ask who wants them ordered at bookstore)
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