exam2 - AST 3722C Spring 2008 Final Due April 22nd 2008...

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AST 3722C - Spring 2008 Final. Due April 22nd 2008 before class. Instructions: Solve each problem below. Where math is involved, and unless otherwise indicated, show your work. You can consult the book, your notes, and old homeworks, but not other people. You can solve the problems in any order you like, but the pages you turn in should give the answers to the questions in the order they are presented here. Put a box around the answer (or answers) to each question. Answers should always be in hours-minutes- seconds for hour angles, right ascensions, or times; and in degrees-arcminutes-arcseconds for other angles. Part A. You observe the constellation Gemini tonight from UCF ( φ = 28 . 6 ). 1. At 9:30 p.m., a star in that constellation has altitude a = 38 and A = 269 . What is its hour angle H ? 2. What is the star’s hour angle H at 10:30 p.m.? 3. Suppose some trees prevent you from observing anything below a = 20 in the west. At what (solar) time will the star’s altitude be 20 ? 4. At what (solar) time tomorrow will the star’s western altitude be 20 ? 5. At 9:30 p.m. tonight, the LST is 10:10:31. What is the star’s R.A.? 6. On approximately what day of the year would this star be up all night (i.e., opposite the Sun in the sky)? (You can assume the Sun moves the same amount of R.A. every day.) Part B. You are planning a night of observing at Robinson Observatory ( φ = 28 . 6 ) and you will need to use some standard stars. The standard stars lie in two fields. Field A is at location (J2000) α A = 13 h 25 m 52 s and δ A = - 08 50 0 15 00 . Field B is at location (J2000) α B = 09 h 21 m 32 s and δ B = +02 47 0 02 00 . Sunset on this particular night happens at 7:38 p.m., at which time the LST is 06:12:37. 7. What are the best (i.e. lowest) airmasses that these two field centers will attain?
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exam2 - AST 3722C Spring 2008 Final Due April 22nd 2008...

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