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Summary of coordinate systems AST 3722 - Spring 2008, Handout #6 System “Equator” “Prime Meridian” “Latitude” “Longitude” Tilt Sense equatorial celestial intersection of declination δ right ascension α RHR coordinates equator eclip. and equ.; Sun’s hour angle H ascending node altazimuth horizon due north altitude a azimuth A geographic LHR coordinates zenith dist. z latitude φ ecliptic ecliptic intersection of ecliptic ecliptic obliquity
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Unformatted text preview: RHR coordinates eclip. and equ.; Suns latitude longitude ascending node Galactic Galactic Galactic Galactic Galactic Galactic RHR coordinates plane center latitude b longitude ` tilt G Tilt = angle between celestial equator and systems equator ascending node = where object moves into northern hemisphere RHR = right-hand rule; LHR = light-hand rule 1...
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