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AST 3722C - Spring 2008 Homework #2. Due before class on January 29. Instructions: Solve each part of the problem below. Where math is involved, and unless otherwise indicated, show your work. You know that things rise in the “East” and set in the “West.” You should also know that this really means that various things rise everywhere along the eastern half of the horizon and set everywhere along the western half. I.e. not everything rises due East and sets due West. Because of this, not everything spends 12 hours above the horizon. The amount of time above the horizon depends on an object’s δ . In this problem you will investigate this. (a) [0.5 points] Suppose we’re in Orlando so φ = φ 0 = 28 . 6 . Find the upper and lower bounds on δ such that a can be zero. I.e. what is the range of declinations of objects that are neither circumpolar nor permanently below the horizon? (You should be able to answer this with simple arithmetic, but explain your answer.) (b) [0.5 points]
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