homework9 - AST 3722C - Spring 2008 Homework #9 – Due...

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Unformatted text preview: AST 3722C - Spring 2008 Homework #9 – Due before class April 15 Instructions: Go to the course website and download the CCD image associated with this homework. The image is 256 pixels wide by 601 pixels tall. You can manipulate the image using a spreadsheet program, IDL, Python, or any other software that will let you read pixel locations and pixel values. I’ve provided the image in FITS format and in CSV format (which can be read in by e.g. Excel). If you need another format, let me know. There’s also a GIF of the image, but you should use that only for seeing what the image is supposed to look like – GIFs don’t preserve the true values of the pixels. Use the image to solve the problems below. Where appropriate, show your work. Note that in the CSV file, cell A1 is the top-left corner of the image, cell IV1 is the top-right corner, cell A601 is the bottom-left corner, and cell IV601 is the bottom-right corner. However, you should consider the (1,1) pixel (the origin) to be the bottom left pixel. This is the standard convention. Astrometry. Toward the bottom of the image are three bright stars that are almost in a straight diagonal line. These are stars commonly used as reference stars since their flux densities are known. The (J2000.0) positional info about these three stars is given below. Star RA Dec. PG 1047+003 10 h 50 m 02 . 79 s- 00 ◦ 00 36 . 7 00 PG 1047+003 A 10 h 50 m 05 . 65 s- 00 ◦ 01 11 . 1 00 PG 1047+003 B 10 h 50 m 09 s- 00 ◦ 02 00 00 • 1. (1 pt) Use the values above to calculate the angular separation in Dec., the separation in R.A., and the total separation between star ’003A’ and star ’003’. How is 003 positioned compared to star 003A; i.e., is it farther north or south? Is it farther east or west?...
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This note was uploaded on 11/09/2009 for the course AST 4700 taught by Professor Fernandez during the Spring '09 term at University of Central Florida.

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homework9 - AST 3722C - Spring 2008 Homework #9 – Due...

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