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Program #5 Grading Criteria Implementation Details (15 pts) Implemented some semblance of stack functions for pushing and popping. (10 pts) Had a provision to deal with the input format. (5 pts) Execution Points (75 pts) There are seven airports for test cases. Let the first 6 cases be 10 points each, and the last case be 15 points. You may give partial credit for a case if some of the output for a case is correct, but some is incorrect. If a program crashes, automatically deduct 20 points for crashing (10 for the case that crashes it, and 10 extra), but then see if you can run the other test cases.
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Unformatted text preview: If you feel the need to be more lenient than this, go ahead and do so. For example, if you see what is causing the crash, then fix it. If that fixes everything, then take off however many points you feel that issue you fixed was worth. Style Points (10 pts) Header comment w/name, program, date – 1 pts Appropriate variable names – 2 pts Appropriate use of white space – 1 pts Appropriate indenting – 1 pts Comments in code – 5 pts...
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