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Computer Science 1 - Program 7 Sorting Assigned: 3/31/08 (Monday) Due: 4/9/08 (Wednesday) at 11:55pm (WebCT time) You are to implement one of the following three sorts: 1) Merge Sort 2) Quick Sort 3) Heap Sort In particular, you are to write a function with the following prototype: void sort(int numbers[], int length); You must add other functions that are appropriate for the sort you choose. (If you choose to write a Merge Sort, you should have a function that performs a merge. If you write a
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Unformatted text preview: Quick Sort, you must write a function that performs a partition. If you write a Heap Sort, you must write functions for inserting an element into a Heap and removing (the minimum) element from a heap. Include all of your code in a single .c file with an empty main function. The TA will test your code with a separate main function....
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