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bytelinscale - scaled linearly to the range 0-255...

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import numpy as np def bytelinscale(floatarray): ''' Linearly rescales the input into the byte range. The lowest value becomes 0, the highest becomes 255, and the others are scaled linearly to that range according to their values relative to the pre-scale minimum and maximum values. Parameters ---------- floatarray : array_like Real-valued array to be rescaled. Returns ------- output : array_like This function returns an unsigned byte array of the same shape as the input in which the values have been
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Unformatted text preview: scaled linearly to the range 0-255. Examples-------->>> import numpy as np >>> import bytelinscale >>> bytelinscale.bytelinscale(np.array([2., 4., 6.])) array([ 0, 127, 255], dtype=uint8) Revisions---------2007-09-11 0.1 [email protected] Initial version 2008-11-01 0.2 [email protected] Updated docstring 2009-09-16 0.3 [email protected] Updated docstring ''' return np.ubyte((floatarray - floatarray.min())* 255./ floatarray.ptp())...
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