coding - UCF Physics: AST 5765/4762: (Advanced)...

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UCF Physics: AST 5765/4762: (Advanced) Astronomical Data Analysis Fall 2009 On Planning and Coding Well Here are some pointers on planning and writing data analysis codes. Our homework is short, so it is easy to code badly because you can grasp the whole analysis at once. You won’t have to code well to get the job done. Recall that a large project is one so big that you do not remember at the end all the decisions you made at the start. Get in the habit now of planning and coding well, and of recording your decisions and your reasons for them. You will thank yourself later. This does not need to be a long process. The goal is getting the result, not making the plan. Doing it a few times will develop the skill and judgment to do it quickly. In addition to making project management easier, these pointers lead to code that is easy to re-use in future projects, and that is easy to verify and debug. Ten minutes extra spent cleaning up code saves hours debugging later. When you plan your analysis, first identify:
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coding - UCF Physics: AST 5765/4762: (Advanced)...

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