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emacs-cheat-sheet - EMACS STARTER SHEET This is for new...

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EMACS STARTER SHEET This is for new users of the emacs text editor. I have found that the easiest way to learn emacs is to get to know the 15 or so important things to do -- save a file, move around, etc -- and get a pointer to the help functions. Here they are (# = learn this first): # start emacs (to shell on machine running X) emacs & start emacs (to shell on terminal) emacs # leave emacs ^X^C suspend emacs and return to shell (terminal ONLY) ^Z go back to emacs from shell (terminal ONLY) fg # Find a file (this means read it into emacs) ^X^F # Save this buffer (file) ^X^S # edit just type # move Forward one character (return is a character) ^F # move Backward one character (return is a character)^B # move to Previous line (line position remembered) ^P # move to Next line (line position remembered) ^N # move to beginning of line (as in A-Z) ^A # move to End of line ^E # DELete character you just typed DEL Delete next character (return is a character) ^D Kill text on line, up to return, or Kill return ^K Yank it back ^Y Yank back a previously Killed item (must do ^Y first) ESC-Y # undo what you just did (works many times) ^Xu # get help (many functions, including tutorial) ^H do the next thing 4 times (works recursively) ^U Doing motion things with ESC instead of ^ works for words if they were character moves and for sentences if they were in-line moves, so ESC-F moves forward a word, ESC-DEL deletes the last word, ESC-A goes to the beginning of the sentence, etc. If you get stuck, always remember that emacs is very forgiving IF YOU LET IT BE. While you are starting, if you run into trouble and you are not sure how to fix things, ask someone. The fixes become second-nature quickly, so people will know. Once you get used to this, ask someone how to branch into using emacs for reading and managing mail, writing, compiling, and debugging programs, and psychoanalysis!
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EMACS CHEAT SHEET enter emacs: emacs suspend emacs: ^Z exit emacs permanently: ^X^C
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