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#! /usr/bin/env python # AST5765/4762 2009 HW4 Solutions # 1. import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy.random as nr Num = 10000 sigma = 13. cx = 55. gsamp = nr.normal(cx, sigma, Num) # 2. nbin = 100 dbin = 1. sbin = 0. plt.figure(1) bins = np.arange(nbin+1, dtype=float) * dbin + sbin # The plt.hist() function returns the histogram data as well as # plotting it. Use a dummy variable to hold the result, or else it # prints on the screen. Traditionally such variables are called # things like "dummy". dummy = plt.hist(gsamp, bins=bins) plt.xlabel('x') plt.ylabel('N(x)') plt.title('Histogram of a Gaussian') plt.savefig('hw4_sol_prob2_plot1.png') # 3. x = bins[:100] + dbin/2 y = Num * 1./np.sqrt(2.*np.pi*sigma**2) * np.exp(-0.5 * ((x-cx)/sigma)**2 ) plt.plot(x, y, 'g-', linewidth=2) plt.savefig('hw4_sol_prob3_plot1.png') maxpow = 6 nsamp = 10 nrec = 3 sample = np.zeros((maxpow, nsamp, nrec), dtype=float) fname = 'hw4_sol.txt' file = open(fname, mode='w') # Thanks to Patricio Cubillos for finding a way to do this in ONE # loop! First, he generates all 10 samples in each set with a single # command. Then he uses the axis= keyword to mean() and std() to take # the mean along just one axis of the resulting array, generating a # mean or standard deviation for each array row. He assembles these # with the np.array() command and then transposes it to get the right # format, and saves the data. Read the help page for np.mean() to # learn about the axis= keyword. Doing this in two loops is
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This note was uploaded on 11/09/2009 for the course AST 4762 taught by Professor Harrington during the Fall '09 term at University of Central Florida.

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hw4_sol - #! /usr/bin/env python # AST5765/4762 2009 HW4...

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