hw10 - UCF Physics: AST 5765/4762: (Advanced) Astronomical...

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UCF Physics: AST 5765/4762: (Advanced) Astronomical Data Analysis Fall 2009 Homework 10 Due Tuesday 3 November 2009 Work: Become sufficiently familiar with aperture photometry to: 1. Measure the relative fluxes of stars in an image. Resources: 1. ALL READINGS ON PRIOR ASSIGNMENTS! 2. AST5765 only: Horne, K. 1986. An Optimal Extraction Algorithm for CCD Spectroscopy. PASP 98 , 609–617. Think about how you would apply this to photometry. You wouldn’t need the elaborate bad-pixel finding routine in that case; you’d just use the routines you already know for images, which makes the algorithm much simpler, except how would you calculate and center the PSF? Hand in: This assignment continues the correction of the data in /home/ast5765/data/hw7 . Be careful to follow the instructions above the questions in HW7. Follow the convention that the center of a pixel has the integer position of the pixel and that the lower-left corner of the array has position (-0.5, -0.5). 1. (10 points) Copy the routines and homework files from the previous homework (including any inclusions of prior assignments) into the directory for this assignment. Correct any errors you may have had, making a comment that says “
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hw10 - UCF Physics: AST 5765/4762: (Advanced) Astronomical...

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