maskboxlev - def maskboxlev(data, halfwidth=2., lowlev=2,...

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def maskboxlev(data, halfwidth=2., lowlev=2, highlev=4, boost=None, retsmooth=False, retdisc=False): ''' SYNTAX: result = maskboxlev(data, inheader, halfwidth, lowlev, highlev, boost) PURPOSE: Makes a mask of outlier pixels in data using a boxcar-average comparison. INPUTS: data: The 2D array of values to test. halfwidth: Size parameter for boxcar filter. Box will be 2*halfwidth+1 elements wide and high (default: 2). lowlev: Lower boundary of good data below discriminator (default: 2). highlev: Upper boundary of good data above discriminator (default: 4). boost: Value to add to both data and smoothed data before division (default: 3.*stddev(data)). retsmooth: Return the smoothed version of the data in a tuple. retdisc: Return the discriminator image in a tuple. OUTPUTS: This function returns the outlier mask. If specified, it also returns the smoothed and/or discriminator images in a tuple, in that order. RESTRICTIONS: The edges are (necessarily) not well filtered. PROCEDURE: The function boxcar-smooths data and divides the original data by the smooth version, with a constant boost added to both data and the smoothed data (this prevents frequent division by small numbers in the background of an image). This discriminator image is thus: (data + boost) / (imsmooth + boost) Pixels higher in the discriminator than highlev or lower than -lowlev are outliers. The pixels in the returned mask image that correspond to the outliers are set to zero. A mask is a byte array the same shape as data, with values 1=good pixel and 0=bad pixel. EXAMPLE:
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maskboxlev - def maskboxlev(data, halfwidth=2., lowlev=2,...

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