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import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy as np import square def squareplot(lo, hi, n, savename=False): ''' Plots the squares of n points evenly distributed from lo to hi, inclusive. Parameters ---------- lo : scalar The low end of the range. hi : scalar The high end of the range. n : int The number of points in the range. Returns ------- none Examples -------- >>> import matplotlib.pyplot as plt >>> import squareplot as sp >>> sp.squareplot(0, 8, 5) >>> plt.show() Revisions --------- 2007-09-11 0.1 [email protected] Initial version 2007-11-23 0.2 [email protected] Removed (misplaced) figure write 2008-11-01 0.3 [email protected] Updated docstring 2009-09-16 0.4
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Unformatted text preview: [email protected] Updated docstring arange->linspace, code cleanup ''' # get numbers to square and square them x, step = np.linspace(lo, hi, n, retstep=True) y = square.square(x) # plot them plt.plot(x, y, 'o') # pad the axes (this block optional for hw3, just demos axis padding) xaxpad = step/2 yaxpad = square.square(np.array([x.min(), x.min() + step / 2])) yaxpad = yaxpad[1] - yaxpad[0] plt.axis([x.min() - xaxpad, x.max() + xaxpad, y.min() - yaxpad, y.max() + yaxpad]) # words plt.xlabel('Input') plt.ylabel('Output') plt.title('Square Function') # save file if savename: plt.savefig(savename) return...
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This note was uploaded on 11/09/2009 for the course AST 4762 taught by Professor Harrington during the Fall '09 term at University of Central Florida.

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squareplot - [email protected] Updated docstring...

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