lect28 - UCF Physics: AST 5765/4762: (Advanced)...

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UCF Physics: AST 5765/4762: (Advanced) Astronomical Data Analysis Fall 2009 Lecture Notes: 28. Project 1 Check In: 10:30 — 10:35, 5 min Questions? 2 HW9: 10:35 — 10:50, 15 min 3 The Project: 10:50 — 11:05, 15 min Project handout Final assignment is a project paper due in finals week Worth half the grade Each project has you reduce and analyze some raw data, and write a paper Do the analysis exactly as a homework: Main file with commands and comments on analysis Generic analysis routines written for general use Create figures and tables as needed Include any tests We will be running them with a from proj_sol import * command Make sure they work! Project description says what to do, step by step You may run into memory problems. You must find workarounds. For example, there may be too much data for a median filter. But, you can divide the data cube into quarters, do each, and sew the results together.
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lect28 - UCF Physics: AST 5765/4762: (Advanced)...

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