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Class 4, ICA #3, August 31. We had 2 clicker questions based on the "Powers of Ten" short. Clicker Question #1: (Pick the correct statement.) E. Once we see the whole Milky Way, the Sun is an invisible speck. Why: A can't be right because you have to have moved many lightyears before the stars start to move. B can't be right because when we see the whole Solar System, the planets themselves are just invisible specks. C can't be right because when we zoom-out to
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Unformatted text preview: see the whole Galaxy, we're clearly off to the side. D can't be right since the Solar System is just a few tens of AU wide but the whole Milky Way is 100,000 ly, many steps bigger. Clicker Question #2: The zoom-out stops at about 100 million light years because B. that's how far we could see with 1970s technology. Why: Recall that the Observable Universe extends about 14 billion light-years away from us....
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