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ica4-sep2 - How big is the Sun compared to 1 AU So if the...

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Class 5, ICA #4, September 2. We did the Prather et al. pages 123-124 and had 3 clicker questions. There were 3 total marks possible. For #3, you get 1 mark for answering, 1 more mark for answering correctly. I didn't count #1, and for #2 you got 1 point for answering at all. The clicker questions count for a total of 1 point toward your course grade, so your points for the day = # of marks * (1/3). Clicker Question #1 and #2 (revote): Suppose you wanted to fit the Milky Way inside this room. How big would the Sun have to be? D. Atom. Why: If the answer were Grapefruit, where would Earth be? Would even the Solar System fit inside the room? So the MW would definitely not. If the answer were Ping-pong Ball, where might Earth be? Well how far is Earth from the Sun? 1 AU.
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Unformatted text preview: How big is the Sun compared to 1 AU? So if the Sun were a ping-pong ball, where might Earth have to be? Several feet away at least. How big would the Solar System have to be? It's more like 30-40 AU so no way even the Solar System would fit inside the room. Suppose the answer were Grain of Sand: How far would Earth be from the Grain-of-Sand Sun? several inches at least -- remember the Sun is much smaller than 1 AU. How big would the Solar System have to be? A few feet rougly. How big is the Solar System compared to 1 ly or 100,000 ly? It's much much smaller. So while the Solar System would fit inside the classroom, the rest of the MW would not. So the answer must be Atom. Clicker Question #3: Problem #2 on Prather et al. 124. D. AAAAA....
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