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Class 17, ICA #16, October 2. There were 6 clicker questions. The first few were on the lecture-tutorial on Kepler's second law that we did on Sept 30. You get 1 mark for answering each question, and you get 1 more mark each for getting questions 1, 2, and 3 right. So there's a total of 9 marks for the day. The clicker questions count for a total of 3 points toward your course grade, so your points for the day = # of marks * (3/9). Clicker Question #1: question 5 from Prather et al. page 22. C. equal to. Clicker Question #2: question 7 from Prather et al. page 22. B. your reasonable choice of X to Y.
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Unformatted text preview: Clicker Question #3: which planet in our Solar System experiences the biggest change in speed over the course of its orbit. A. Mercury Clicker Question #4: Saturn is on average twice as far from the Sun as Jupiter is. Saturn's orbital period id B. More than twice Jupiter's period. Clicker Question #5: All 4 planets shown take 1 year to orbit the Sun. Which has the largest average distance from the Sun? E. all are the same. Clicker Question #6: among these foru planets, which take/takes the longest to orbit the Sun? C. III and IV....
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