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Class 25, ICA #21, October 21. There were 5 clicker questions. For each question you got 1 mark for answering at all. You got an extra mark for question 3 if you got it right. There were a total of 6 marks possible. The clicker questions count for a total of 3 points toward your course grade, so your points for the day = # of marks * (3/6). Clicker Question #1: Planets around other stars are found mostly by C. using the Doppler technique. Clicker Question #2: Most of the planets that have been discovered are most like A. Jupiter Clicker Question #3: Ball moves toward you -- what happens
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Unformatted text preview: to the wavelength of the sound waves? What happens to the pitch? A. Wavelengths are compressed and pitch goes up. Clicker Question #4: What do I hear as the ball spins around my head? D. Pitch doesn't change. Clicker Question #5: Why do you think the bottom-right corner of the plot is underpopulated? (Why no Uranus-and Neptune-like extrasolar planets in terms of mass _and_ distance from home star?) C. Technology can't yet let us find the planets that would be in that part of the plot....
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