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Class 28, ICA #24, October 28. There were 4 clicker questions. For each question you got 1 mark for answering at all. You also got an extra mark each in questions 1 and 3 if you got them right. There were a total of 6 marks possible. The clicker questions count for a total of 3 points toward your course grade, so your points for the day = # of marks * (3/6). Clicker Question #1: Which of the following is not unique to Earth? C. greenhouse effect Clicker Question #2: Earth's climate stability is supposed to be controlled via D. the carbon dioxide (CO2) cycle. Clicker Question #3: Suppose there were a terrestrial planet just
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Unformatted text preview: like Earth except it had not water on the surface. What could you say about its climate? C. It would be hotter, since its atmosphere would have more greenhouse gases. (Why? rain wouldn't be dissolving CO2 and taking it out of the atmosphere; oceans wouldn't be sequestering and dissolving CO2 out of the atmosphere.) Clicker Question #4: Suppose that when Earth formed it turned out to be half the size/mass it is now, but still 1 AU from the Sun. How might have out planet turned out? B. There would be no plate tectonics, no volcanism now....
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