Exam2ReviewSum07 - Format of exam You will have some short...

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Outline for COP 3503 Exam #2 Topics I. Recurrence Relations (7.6, 7.7.5, notes) a. Iteration technique b. General "Master" Formula II. Sorting and Selecting (7.1 – 7.9, notes) a. Merge Sort i. Merge algorithm ii. Recursive solution to sorting b. Quick Sort i. Partition algorithm ii. Different recursive solution to sorting iii. Quick Select c. Quickselect d. Lower Bound for comparison sorting e. Bucket Sort f. Counting Sort g. Radix Sort III. Graphs a. Definitions b. How to Store c. Graph Coloring d. Depth First Search e. Breadth First Search f. Topological Sort (similar to DFS) IV. Algorithmic Techniques a. Greedy i. Single Room Scheduling ii. Multiple Room Scheduling iii. Dijkstra's Algorithm iv. Kruskal's Algorithm v. Prim's Algorithm b. Divide and Conquer i. Tromino Tiling ii. Subset Sum iii. Integer Multiplication iv. Skyline Problem v. Tiling question (1,2 unit tiles)
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Unformatted text preview: Format of exam: You will have some short answer questions and possibly some coding questions. The short answer questions will include tracing through algorithms and relevant data structures, as well as some analysis and possibly some math. You may bring two 8.5"x11" piece of paper with notes on it as an aid to use during the test. How to study: 1) Look over the notes, paying attention to all the code shown in class. Make sure you understand how it all works. 2) Skim over the book, making sure you understand the general concepts discussed. 3) Look over your programming assignments, making sure you remember how you solved certain problems. 4) If you have time, sketch the outline for coding up classes that we discussed, but did not code....
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Exam2ReviewSum07 - Format of exam You will have some short...

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