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Huffman Coding The idea behind Huffman coding is to find a way to compress the storage of data using variable length codes. Our standard model of storing data uses fixed length codes. For example, each character in a text file is stored using 8 bits. There are certain advantages to this system. When reading a file, we know to ALWAYS read 8 bits at a time to read a single character. But as you might imagine, this coding scheme is inefficient. The reason for this is that some characters are more frequently used than other characters. Let's say that the character 'e' is used 10 times more frequently than the character 'q'. It would then be advantageous for us to use a 7 bit code for e and a 9 bit code for q instead because that could shorten our overall message length. Huffman coding finds the optimal way to take advantage of varying character frequencies in a particular file. On average, using Huffman coding on standard files can shrink them anywhere from 10% to 30% depending to the character distribution. (The more skewed the distribution, the better Huffman coding will do.) The idea behind the coding is to give less frequent characters and groups of characters longer codes. Also, the coding is constructed in such a way that no two constructed codes are prefixes of each other. This property about the code is crucial with respect to easily deciphering the code.
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Building a Huffman Tree The easiest way to see how this algorithm works is to work through an example. Let's assume that after scanning a file we find the following character frequencies: Character
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HuffmanCoding01 - Huffman Coding The idea behind Huffman...

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