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Twenty-first Annual University of Central Florida High School Programming Tournament Problems Problem Name Filename Revenge of the Egg Guy roboto Will and Ned’s Excellent Cram Session radio House of the Living Impaired zombies The Epic of Aldez: The Mirror of Deceit epic Ali's Disorganized Discs organize Guitar Zero zero Spirit Splash splash Cheaper Processing Units cpu QUEE MAR marquee Kart Racing karts Call your program file: filename .c, filename .cpp, or filename .java Call your input file: filename .in For example, if you are solving Guitar Zero: Call your program file: zero.c, zero.cpp or Call your input file:
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2 Revenge of the Egg Guy (A.k.a. Domo Arigato, Dr. Roboto) Filename: roboto Dr. Roboto, sometimes referred to as the Egg Guy due to his rotund physique, is an evil genius with a particular aptitude for the construction of robots, space stations, and the like. In fact, his robots have just recently finished construction of a monumental space station, known as the Doom Egg. In a night of celebration and villainy, Dr. Roboto designed the Doom Ray, the ultimate weapon, capable of wiping all porcupines, hedgehogs, and any other spiky mammals off the face of the Earth. Surprisingly enough, a certain hedgehog has actually given Dr. Roboto a great deal of trouble in the past, so he’s got a bit of a grudge. There’s a problem with this Doom Ray, though. Dr. Roboto was celebrating a little too hard when he designed it. Although he’s certain that the Doom Ray will work, he suspects that there might be a short circuit in the wiring that would cause the central battery of the Doom Egg to overload, blowing the station to smithereens and him along with it. The wiring diagram is a huge mess, so Dr. Roboto needs you to write a program to determine whether or not a short circuit exists. The Problem: Dr. Roboto’s design consists of a number of circuit junctions and connections between pairs of different junctions. Two of the junctions represent terminals of the Doom Egg’s central battery. If there is any zero-resistance path between the two terminals of the Doom Egg’s central battery, this is a short circuit which will destroy the Doom Egg at the same time it destroys the world’s spiky critters. If the zero-resistance path goes through multiple junctions, this is still a short circuit as the junctions themselves are all made out of cryogenically cooled superconductors that have no resistance. For example, suppose that the positive and negative terminals are both connected to junction 3 with zero resistance, but have no direct connection to each other. This would be a short circuit since current can flow unimpeded from the negative terminal to junction 3 to the positive terminal. It is possible that a particular circuit design has no path linking the two terminals at all. This is just fine since the circuit may operate by principles of inductance and capacitance which aren’t modeled in the input. The Input:
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problemSet2007 - Twenty-first Annual University of Central...

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