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MultiFileDirections - as a header file.h 7 To compile the...

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Directions to create a multi-file project in Dev C++ 1) Go to File, New, Project, Select Empty Project 2) Enter a name for the project and then click the radio button for a C project 3) Click OK, and then select a directory to store the project. 4) Go to File, New, source file – type in the file and then save it and add it to the project. 5) Add new source files in this manner. 6) To add a header file, actually click on source file as well, but when you save it, save it
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Unformatted text preview: as a header file (.h) 7) To compile the program, go to Execute and select compile. This compiles THE WHOLE PROJECT. If you just want to compile a single file, go to Execute and select Compile Current File. 8) To run the program go to Execute and select Run. 9) To open up the project again after closing it, just click on the Dev C++ Project Icon associated with your project....
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