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Individual Activities - Professional Stereotypes

Individual Activities - Professional Stereotypes -...

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Individual Activity Stereotypes and Communication Barriers Chapter Four addresses the issue of cultural diversity on the macro level of global, national or ethnic origins. As our world continues to shrink in this new world economy, effective intercultural communication becomes increasingly important. However, this global perspective may mask the critical differences between individuals and groups of people at a micro level. Look at the MSOE campus and all the micro-cultures that exist. Our alphabet soup of academic departments (AE, MET, TC, Nursing, RSOB) being only one example. Can you think of others? I know you can. Go ahead. I’ll wait……How many did you list? (and if you find yourself actually talking to this paper right now, take a break) Many MSOE students come from small town, rural Midwest origins. Though Milwaukee is a small, big city, there are distinct cultural differences between Milwaukee and Minong, WI. What about the students from farming families? The farming community is a distinct culture. We have gender differences, age differences,
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