History 357 Exam-I study Guide

History 357 Exam-I study Guide - STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM I...

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STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM I Covering Merriman, Chapters 1-6, key terms, class notes, and BlackBoard Learning Modules I. Medieval Background General characteristics of the European Middle Ages Causes for the decline of the Middle Ages II. Renaissance 1350-1550/1400-1530 Northern Italian city states Humanism—civic humanism Renaissance art Renaissance monarchs—first half 16 th c. Francois I of France Henry VIII of England Charles V Holy Roman Empire III. Reformations Lutheranism—causes Condition of the Catholic Church early 16 th c. Specific conditions of German speaking area of HRE Luther’s theology Awesome total power of God Salvation only through God’s grace Bible sole authority Peasants Princes in the HRE Scandinavian monarchs Peace of Augsburg 1555 Radicals—Anabaptists in Munster and more Calvinism Theology: awesome total power of God, salvation only through God’s grace, all salvation is predestined, only small Elect to be saved, reform society, legitimacy of some rebellion Spread of Calvinism: France, Netherlands, England, Scotland Catholic Reformation Council of Trent 1545-63 Re-conversion in East Europe and new converts in Americas IV. th th centuries th th centuries Charles V HRE, Philip II of Spain, Ferdinand II HRE Dutch Revolt: creation of independent United Provinces of the Netherlands, seven n. provinces, 1560’s-1648 th century—1588 Armada Civil War in France
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Catholic vs. Calvinist nobles for crown; 1572 St. Bartholomew massacre Calvinist Bourbon win, Henry IV, converts to Catholicism Edict of Nantes 1598 30 Years War 1618-498 begins as Catholic Habsburg HRE vs. Protestant princes becomes dynastic conflict Habsburg vs. French Bourbons consequences of 30 YW Causes for decline of Spanish monarchy V. Netherlands 80 years conflict with Spain for independence 1560’s-1648 causes for Economic advances in trade and finance Dutch East India Co.,. Dutch West India Co.—slave trade Causes of decline in the late 17 th c. VI. English Civil War Stuart kings rule conflict w/Parliament Religious situation defeat of royalist army Parliamentary New Model Army—led by Oliver Cromwell Divisions w/i New Model Army: Presbyterians, Independents, Levellers 1648-53 Commonwealth—Puritan Republic—Cromwell Wars against Scots, Irish, Dutch, Spanish 1653-1660 Protectorate—Cromwell’s dictatorship—Cromwell dies 1658 Restoration of Stuart kings 1660-1688
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History 357 Exam-I study Guide - STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM I...

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