ho1.infosheet - EE114 Autumn 08/09 R. Dutton, B. Murmann...

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Handout #1 R. Dutton, B. Murmann Page 1 of 4 Last modified 11/20/2008 9:41:00 AM STANFORD UNIVERSITY Department of Electrical Engineering EE114: Fundamentals of Analog Integrated Circuit Design http://ccnet.stanford.edu/ee114/ TIME: Class: MWF 10:00-10:50 AM, Skilling Auditorium Review Session: Tue, 3:15-4:05, Skilling 193 INSTRUCTOR: Email: Web: Phone: Office hours: CO-INSTRUCTOR: Email: Web: Phone: Office hours: Robert Dutton rdutton@gloworm.stanford.edu http://www-tcad.stanford.edu/tcad/bios/dutton.html (650) 723-4138 See course website. Boris Murmann murmann@stanford.edu http://www.stanford.edu/~murmann (650) 725-7042 See course website. TAs: Email: Office Hours: Kamal Aggarwal, Mahmoud Sa’adat ta114@analog.stanford.edu See course website. ADMIN: Email: Phone: Office: Ann Guerra guerra@par.stanford.edu (650) 725-3725 CIS 207 TEXTBOOK: We will try to hand out selected chapters from a textbook that is currently being written: B. Murmann, R. T. Howe and C. G. Sodini, Analysis and Design of Elementary MOS Amplifier Stages , National Technology and Science Press, to appear in 2009. Please refer to the lecture notes for suitable reference texts. GRADING: Homework Project Midterm Exam Final Exam 20% (lowest HW score will be dropped) 20% 30% 30% BULLETIN BOARD: Please use the bulletin board at http://ccnet.stanford.edu/ee114/ for group discussions or to post questions. You will need to log in under the “LOGIN” link of our site. Your account will be activated in the first week of instruction (provided that you are registered). PREREQUISITE:
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ho1.infosheet - EE114 Autumn 08/09 R. Dutton, B. Murmann...

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