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1 Miller Approximation R. Dutton, B. Murmann R. Dutton, B. Murmann 1 EE114 (HO #11) Stanford University Analysis with Extrinsic Caps Applying KCL at nodes 1 and 2, and solving for v o /v i yields R. Dutton, B. Murmann 2 EE114 (HO #10) () () [] () gd gs db gd db gs i gd i m i gd gs gd db m gd m i o C C C C C C R R s RC R g R C C R C C s g C s R g ) s ( v ) s ( v + + + + + + + + = 2 1
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2 Issue We could now in principle use this expression to plot the frequency response of the circuit and compute the 3-dB bandwidth – The result would match the Spice simulation result exactly There are two issues with going in this direction for hand analysis – The procedure is quite tedious… • Imagine how complex the equations would get for a multi- transistor circuit – The derived expression is useless for reasoning about the R. Dutton, B. Murmann 3 circuit from an intuitive design perspective • By looking at this equation we cannot easily tell what exactly limits the bandwidth, or how we can improve it EE114 (HO #11) Simulation Result from Last Lecture Want to have a method that let’s us estimate the dominant pole quickly using intuitive Non-dominant, high-frequency poles and zeros may or may not be important methods – Without running into high entropy expressions that tell us things we are not interested in… – If they are, it may be OK to do a little more work (see material on feedback circuits, later in this course) 0 20 ] Dominant pole Non-dominant pole(s) and ero(s
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ho11.l08_miller - Miller Approximation R Dutton B Murmann...

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