Give Me Liberty!: An American History (First Edition, Seagull Edition) (Vol. 2)

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Ch 25 The Sixties 1960-1968 October 192 American spy planes discovered Soviet Union installing missiles in Cuba. Rejecting advice from military leaders that he should authorize an attack on Cuba; instead Kennedy imposed a blockade on Cuba. The U.S. and Soviets reach an agreement to settle the dispute. Lyndon Johnson takes office and holds new deal view that government and an obligation to assist less fortunate members of society. 1964 Congress passed the Civil Rights Act which prohibited racial discrimination in employment, institutions like hospitals and schools, and privately owned public accommodations such as restaurants, hotels and theaters The 1964 Election was between Johnson v. Senator Barry Goldwater. The senator wanted harsher stance on the Cold War and was stigmatized by Democrats as an extremist who would repeal Social Security and risk nuclear war. The year marks a resurgence of American conservatism.
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Ch 26 The Triumph of Conservatism 1969-1988 1971 The Times began publishing the Pentagon papers, a classified report prepared by
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