Give Me Liberty!: An American History (First Edition, Seagull Edition) (Vol. 2)

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Tomas Guerrero Chapter 20- From Business Culture to Great Depression: The Twenties 1920-1932 Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzette accused of participating in robbery in which a security guard was killed. Despite the little evidence against them, they were convicted and got the electric chair. The U.S. is still a place of unequal treatment for the minorities of the day. New industries began to flourish such as chemicals, aviation, and electronics. Older industries of food processing and manufacturing of household appliances adopt new ideas such as Henry Ford’s moving assembly line to increases productivity and output. Mass production and consumption in full effect. Annual automobile production tripled during the 1920s from 1.5 to 4.8 million. By the year 1929 the U.S. produced 85% of the world’s cars and half of all American families owned one. Also in that year the U.S. produced over 40% of the world’s manufactured goods. The growth in the automobile sector boost other parts of the economy as parts are need to assemble the cars. 1919 Supreme Court upheld conviction of Jacob Abrams and five other men for distributing pap lets critical of American intervention in Russia after Bolshevik revolution. Justices Holmes and Louis Brandeis dissented representing the expanding boundary of free speech
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Tomas Guerrero Chapter 21- The New Deal 1932-1940 1932 Roosevelt announces his plan for presidency and promises a new deal for the American people. He thought it was the government’s responsibility to guarantee “every man … a right to make a comfortable living.” The foundation for his presidency is being laid and the American people are calling for his actions. Emergency Banking Act is the first of unprecedented legislation during the first 100 days
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