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Unformatted text preview: Copyright © 2009 Randall Cornish. All rights reserved. This page may not be reproduced in any way without written permission. INSTRUCTOR Randall Cornish EMAIL rcornish@RCOcreative.com Adobe Illustrator CS4 Tools Handout 1. Selection tool [ V ] (selects entire objects) 2. Direct Selection tool [ A ] ( selects points or path segments within objects) 3. Magic Wand tool [ Y ] (selects objects with similar attributes) 4. Direct Select Lasso tool [ Q ] (selects points or path segments within objects) 5. Pen tool [ P ] (draws straight and curved lines to create objects) 6. Horizontal Type tool [ T ] (creates individual type and type containers and lets you enter and edit type) 7. Line Segment tool [ \ ] (draws individual straight line segments at any angle) 8. Rectangle tool [ M ] (draws rectangles and squares) 9. Paintbrush tool [ B ] (draws freehand and calligraphic lines, as well as art and patterns on paths) 10. Pencil tool [ N ] (draws and edits freehand lines) 11. Blob Brush tool [Shift+B] (draws paths that automatically expand and merge similar, adjacent paths)11....
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