5-audience analysis

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Unformatted text preview: r career? most Types of Questions Types Secondary Questions/Probing Questions Designed to go deeper into a topic Gather additional info Ex: Why did you take that particular course? course? Types of Questions Types Spontaneous Secondary Questions Based on verbal and nonverbal cues of Based the interviewee Can not be planned in advance Can Ex: Really? Were you surprised that it worked out that way? worked 4 strategic types of secondary question question Nudging probes Restatement probes Summary probes Closing probes Nudging probes Nudging Encourage a respondent who has Encourage stopped short of providing sufficient info stopped Ex: Go on. Really? Uh-huh. And? Nonverbal nudge: Hand gesture Head nod Facial expression Facial Restatement Probes Ask question in different way Steer respondent back to topic Reframe question that was not Reframe understood understood Ex: we were talking about classes you took at UT. What was another class you took? took? Summary Probe Summary Recap or paraphrase the idea Use when answers are vague Use Make sure you understand/confirm Make Ex: So what you mean is that…. Ex: Closing Probe Closing Close the door on a particular question Ask for a final response Ask Signal to respondent that you are Signal seeking to move onto the next question seeking Ex: I’d like to move to my next question Ex: Before we move on, I’d just like to ask you one more thing you...
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