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Day 1 PP - CMS 306M Professional Communication Kimberly...

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Unformatted text preview: CMS 306M Professional Communication Kimberly Schaefer Fall 2008 Breakdown Breakdown 4 speeches/presentations Midterm 3 evaluation papers Participation is expected, required, non­negotiable (this is a communication class…) Final exam Structure of Course Structure of Course Classroom time is to improve speaking skills – Class times focuses on speaking skills, not book material – However, all book material will be on test Blackboard Blackboard Class PowerPoints will be on Blackboard before class Syllabus & Class Schedule Exam reviews Announcements Grades Materials used in class Group Presentation Group Presentation lead the class through a group meeting that focuses on either a problem affecting the university of Texas community or the Austin community 18­22 minutes 4­5 people 2 groups per day Worth 40 points Before presentation date Before presentation date 1) Chose a case study that exists on campus or in the Austin *Examples from the past: parking, UT football ticket distribution, Top 10% Rule, striking bus workers, difficulty of being a student parent, campus security, fraternity/sorority hazing, tuition deregulation, cost of textbooks, eliminating smoking on campus Discuss and research case study (you need at least 3 relevant sources) Define and analyze the problem Develop a presentation agenda Prepare to lead the class by following the reflective thinking procedure The reflective thinking The reflective thinking procedure: Introduce problem to the class (why is this an issue in the first place, provide rationale) Define and analyze the problem (what is the scope of the problem, who does it impact, what is its history) Establish criteria (what the class/group needs to consider when creating a solution to the problem Generate possible solutions (brainstorm solutions that meet your criteria) Evaluate possible solutions (decide which solution is the best one based upon criteria) Thank the class for participating and commence the meeting Keep in mind Keep in mind Don’t write out the presentation just use note cards and write down keywords. Practice before you present (you will be deducted for going under or over time) Use at least four computer generated visual aids Every member must participate equally Every member gets the same grade First three steps should only take around six minutes Dress appropriately Email me your group’s topic by 9/5 ...
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