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Persuasive general outline format

Persuasive general outline format - Persuasive Speech...

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Persuasive Speech Outline Format I. Introduction a. Narration/Attention Getter (you guys need to work to be really creative here. You did a fine job on this in your previous speech, but push a little further and come up with something really great!) b. Thesis (what is your “statement” ie. Women should be allowed in combat situations. Done, enough said!!! The thesis statement should NOT include the words “I believe” This is not what you believe, it’s about what you can argue!) c. Reason to Listen (why should they care? In this section, you may want to consider tell the audience you’ll be addressing the major counter arguments in the speech. Ie. “I firmly support the notion that women and men should be treated as equals in all walks of life, however, in this speech I will show you why women should not be in heavy military combat situations….”) d. Credibility (you need to convince your audience that you know what you’re talking about~ just like in the last speech) e.
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