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Week7-Laws310 - wants to purchase the product 2 Why do...

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Week 7 Assignment The Government allows companies to still produce hazardous goods as long as they are willing to pay for it. The government levees taxes or fees and companies look at this as an added expense of doing business and raise the price of their goods or services to the consumers. The government collects extra revenue from the citizens through the companies that are polluting and creating hazardous materials and products. It appears the government is doing something to solve the problem so everyone is happy even though the problem never gets solved. There is only one Free Market incentive does is having them paying more taxes or fees to produce products. The consumer needs to stop purchasing products from companies that are causing the problems. As long as people buy hazardous products, the polluting companies are going to keep making them. If people started only buying environmental friendly products then companies will quickly change there mindset. Government regulation will never solve issues if the consumer
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Unformatted text preview: wants to purchase the product. 2) Why do plaintiffs typically experience great difficulty in prevailing in negligence actions alleging injury from toxic substances? Injury from toxic substances is very hard to try in court, mainly because it is hard to determine cause and effect of the toxins. The difficulty would be in conclusively determining that fault is in fact on the part of the defendant as injury due to toxic substances is not so clear in all circumstances. It greatly depends on exposure as well as toxicity levels. Also it depends on where the defendant received the injury from the toxins and whether the land or area was private property or public. I do believe that it would be very difficult to prove that the toxic substance was from a company or that the defendant received the injury from the plaintiff’s products. The defendant could have received the toxic injury from anywhere that they visit or pass by....
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Week7-Laws310 - wants to purchase the product 2 Why do...

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