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HIS 101 – Exam 1 Study Guide Explain the relationship the Persian Emp ir e had with ancient Greece? When was the first contact and when did the relationship end? The relationship of ancient Greece with Persia began between 750-500 BC, when the Greek city-states began expelling their citizens and they resettled along the Mediterranean shoreline and in Asia Minor. During the latter of this period, Greek city-states were being attacked and taken over by the Persians. In 499 BC, the city-states rebelled against Persian control. In 490 BC, Persia decided it wanted control of all of Greece, attacked Athens repeatedly, and the Persian War took place from 490-479 BC. Athens responded by forming the Delian League to protect against Persian invasion. By 463 BC, the threat was eliminated. The Persians were kept from the Greek region until during the Peloponnesian War when Sparta invited them to join the conflict. The Spartans are then despised for this.
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