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HIS 101 - Study Guide - Exam 3

HIS 101 - Study Guide - Exam 3 - 4 What was the Reformation...

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HIS 101 – Exam 3 Study Guide 1. What is feudalism? When and how did it evolve? Explain its three main classes and their responsibilities. When did it decline and what events lead to its decline? 2. What was the Black Death? When did it occur? What were the major social, economic, and religious results? 3. What was the Renaissance? When did it begin? What factors caused it to begin in Italy?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What was the Reformation? When, where, and why did it begin? Who was Martin Luther and what role did he play in the Reformation? 5. Who was Charlemagne? When did he reign? What specifically did he do to expand Christianity in his empire? What was the significance of his reign for Europe?...
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