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What kind of services and supports would you recommend for the growing numbers of grandparents who are assuming the primary care of grandchildren? Why would you recommend particular services and supports? For grandparents assuming the primary care of their grandchildren, the following services and supports are recommended: Governmental assistance programs, such as medical assistance ( C H I P ), cash assistance (TANF), food stamps (SNAP), free and reduced-cost school lunches, heating assistance (LIHEAP), public housing assistance (HUD), supplemental social security, and WIC. These programs help grandparents adjust to the unexpected costs of caring for their grandchildren. Additionally, grandparents may be eligible for foster care payments, adoption assistance, and FMLA, if they are still working. Specialized therapy sessions, support groups, and workshops for both the grandchildren and their grandparents. This is especially true if the children have been the victims of
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