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INT 658 - Assignment 04 - Copyright 2

INT 658 - Assignment 04 - Copyright 2 - landmark decision...

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Law of Cyberspace INT 658 (50 points) 1. Go to the United States Copyright Office Web page at http://www.copyright.gov/ and complete the forms to formally copyright a creation that you have created. Print the form and submit the completed form to the faculty member (You do not need to submit the application to the USCO!) (10 pts) 2. This will be your first challenge using a United States Supreme Court case in this class. You are going to read a landmark case on copyright law. Read the full case. You may not understand all of the motions and history, but if you try to hunt and peck just for the answers, you are likely to become confused. Reading the case will provide you with substantial information and learning well beyond the questions asked for this assignment. For those of you who think nothing interesting ever happens in rural Kansas, this
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Unformatted text preview: landmark decision originated from a conflict between two Western Kansas companies over intellectual property law – specifically trademark law: Feist Publications, Inc. v. Rural Telephone Service Co. , 499 U.S. 340 (1991). Answer each question in detail. If you quote, use quotation marks or other appropriate grammatical devices. Cite the page of the case you are citing using the Harvard Bluebook style of citation. You are encouraged to summarize and to answer in your own words. a. Provide the first page and last page of the case as attachments. (5 pts) b. Briefly describe the facts of the case. Identify the issue. (5 pts) c. What was Feist's position? What legal arguments did it offer? (10 pts) d. What was Rural Telephone's position? What legal arguments did it offer? (10 pts) e. What did the Supreme Court decide and why? (10 pts)...
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