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INT 658 - Assignment 05 - Copyright 3

INT 658 - Assignment 05 - Copyright 3 - Law of Cyberspace...

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Law of Cyberspace INT 658 Copyright III: Copyright Fair Use Cases & Exercises (45 pts) You are the president of a small, but fast growing web based business (“business” is a code word for “for profit”) and are looking for ways to bring college students to your web site. You want to explore reprinting parts of certain publications on your web site in order to attract students who do not want to have to buy expensive textbooks. You know that “Fair Use” is an important concept in copyright law. Answer question number 1. Then brief the following two cases using the following outline. Answer each question in detail. Acknowledge with citations when you quote from the case. Summarize where you can and answer in your own words. Students are also warned that a common mistake is reporting the decision of the lower court that the U.S. Supreme court summarizes in most cases, instead of reporting the U.S. Supreme Court decision.
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