INT 658 - Assignment 06 - Copyright 4

INT 658 - Assignment 06 - Copyright 4 - SESAC (the third...

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Law of Cyberspace INT 658 Copyright IV: Webcasting Audio Licensing Exercise (35 pts) First, you will want to do some reading on audio licensing. I suggest the following sites, but you may also find information on Wikipedia and other sites: 1. What type of organization typically represents songwriters and composers, and therefore controls the underlying words and composition of a song? (5 pts) 2. What type of organization typically represents the individual performer’s performance of a recorded song and must also provide a license to play a previously recorded version of a song? (5 pts) 3. What do the terms “ASCAP” and “BMI” stand for? Describe these organizations. You will find these organizations at: and . Answer the following questions from information you find on these web sites. (5 pts) 4. If a radio station, cable network, or television station is licensed by ASCAP, BMI, or
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Unformatted text preview: SESAC (the third much smaller licensing company), and it decides to simulcast over the Internet, do you need additional license authority beyond your basic broadcast license for Internet narrowcasting? Explain and provide a citation for your answer. (5 pts) 5. You are a college student and you have started your own Internet music casting business out of your home as a part-time business. You estimate that you will sell $9,000 of advertising for your site in a full year. You will have 100,000 visits or sessions. Your site will be non-interactive (It will not deliver content on demand, but will stream it continually.) What will the cost of licensing be from the following organizations: A. ASCAP ( ) (5 pts) B. BMI ( ) (5 pts) 6. What is a compulsory mechanical license and what is the current statutory rate? (5 pts)...
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