INT 658 - Assignment 09 - Regulatory Methods

INT 658 - Assignment 09 - Regulatory Methods - Supply the...

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Law of Cyberspace INT 658 Regulatory Methods (40 pts) Lessig has provided us with four methods of regulating human activities: 1) law; 2) social norms; 3) market; and 4) technology. Read up! Without understanding Lessig's writings, from Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace , you will not do well on this assignment. For the following key areas, share your ideas on how the following problems can be regulated using each of the four methods of regulation.
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Unformatted text preview: Supply the basics, but use creativity. Get out of the box! Five points will be possible for each subpoint for a total of 40 pts. Feel free to use research resources. 1. Child access to Internet pornography a. law b. social norms c. market d. technology 2. Hacking e. law f. social norms g. market h. technology 3. Copying of DVDs i. law j. social norms k. market l. technology 4. Spamming m. law n. social norms o. market p. technology...
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