Practical Guide to Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, A (4th Edition)

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1 Answers to Even-numbered Exercises 1. Regarding Konqueror the file manager: 2. What is a terminal emulator? What does it allow you to do from a GUI that you would not be able to do without one? A terminal emulator emulates a terminal in a graphical environment. It provides a command line interface from which you can give shell com- mands, which you cannot do otherwise from a GUI (other than by using Run Command from the Main menu). 3. What is text? 4. a. What is Nautilus? Nautilus is the GNOME file manager. b. List two ways that you can you open a file using Nautilus. You can either click the filename or icon and select Open from the drop- down menu, or you can double-click the filename or icon. c. How does Nautilus “know” which program to use to open different types of files? Nautilus determines the appropriate program to use when opening a file based on the file’s MIME type, which it usually determines from the file- name extension. You can alter these relationships by right-clicking a file in
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