Practical Guide to Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, A (4th Edition)

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1 Answers to Even-numbered Exercises 1. Whnter? 2. Which command would you give to cancel all print jobs on the system? Executed as root , either lprm – or cancel –a will remove all jobs from the print queues. 3. Which coobs? 4. What is the purpose of sharing a Linux printer using Samba? Sharing a Linux printer using Samba allows Windows and OS/2 clients to send print jobs to the printer. 5. Name ol? 6. Which command lists the installed printer drivers available to CUPS? $ /usr/sbin/lpinfo –m 7. Hodea? 8. Assume you have a USB printer with a manufacturer-supplied PostScript printer definition file named
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Unformatted text preview: newprinter.ppd . Which command would you use to add this printer to the system on the first USB port with the name USBPrinter? # lpadmin -p USBPrinter -E -v usb:/dev/usb/lp0 -P newprinter.ppd 9. Hoet? 10. Define a set of access control rules for a <Location> container inside /etc/cups/cupsd.conf that would allow anyone to print to all printers as long as they were either on the local system or in the mydomain.com domain. pf<Location /printers> Order Allow,Deny Allow from * .mydomain.com Allow from localhost </Location> 14...
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