Practical Guide to Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, A (4th Edition)

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1 Answers to Even-numbered Exercises 1. hFS. 2. Which command would you give to mount on the local system the /home directory hierarchy that resides on the file server named bravo ? Assume the mounted directory hierarchy will appear as /bravo.home on the local system. How would you mount the same directory hierarchy if it resided on the fileserver at How would you unmount /home ? # mount bravo:/home /bravo.home # mount /bravo.home # umount /home 3. ount? 4. Which command line lists the currently mounted NFS directory hierarchies? $ mount | grep nfs or $ df -t nfs 5. What does t? 6. From a server, how would you allow readonly access to /opt for any sys- tem in example.com ? Place the following line in /etc/exports : /opt *.example.com(ro,sync) 7. Whenching? 8. Describe the difference between the root_squash and the all_squash options in /etc/exports . The root_squash option maps root to nfsnobody ; all_squash maps all users to nfsnobody . 9. Why d security? 22
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Unformatted text preview: 2 10. Some diskless workstations use NFS as swap space. Why is this useful? What is the downside? Because it has no disk space, a diskless workstation has no swap space. The only choice is to use NFS; if it did not use NFS for swap space, the worksta-tion would be limited by the amount of its physical memory (RAM). Swapping in general is slow because disks are much slower than RAM. NFS is even slower than a local disk; any process that uses an NFS swap space will spend a long time waiting for pages to be swapped in. 11. NFS ty risk. 12. What does the mount nosuid option do? Why would you want to do this? The nosuid option forces setuid executables in the mounted directory hier-archy to run with regular permissions on the local system. Giving a user the ability to run a setuid program can give that user the power of root . Normally you do not want an ordinary user running a pro-gram as a privileged user....
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22.nfs.ans.even.RH4 - 2 10 Some diskless workstations use...

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