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Syllabus REL 3300/ Women and Religion MW 4:40-6 Prof: Gail Hinich Sutherland, Ph.D (History of Religions, University of Chicago, specializing in South Asian Religions) Office: Coates 122, Phone: 578-2221 Office Hours: and by appointment [email protected] Books, available at the Co-op Bookstore: Mama Lola, A Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn , Karen McCarthy Brown (U. of CA, 2001 ) Her Voice, Her Faith: Women Speak on World Religions , ( HVHF ) Arvind Katherine K. Young, eds. (Westview Press, 2003) Unspoken Worlds: Women’s Religious Lives , ( UW ) Third Edition, Nancy Auer Falk & Rita M. Gross, eds. (Wadsworth Press, 2001) Articles, available on Moodle.  Sherry Ortner , “Is Female to Male as Nature Is to Culture?,” from Rosaldo & Lamphere, eds., Gail Hinich Sutherland , “The Wedding Pavilion: Performing, Recreating, and Regendering Hindu Identity in Houston,” International Journal of Hindu  Studies 7, 1-3 (2003) Karen Jo Torjesen , “Public Women, Private Virtues,” and “A Woman’s Honor Is Her Shame,” from When Women Were Priests . You will also find on Moodle a copy of the syllabus and a permission form which you will have signed by your interviewee. Course Requirements: 1
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1. One midterm, worth 20% of grade. 2. Quizzes on the readings worth 17% of grade. The films will be included in the quizzes. You can drop THREE quiz grades 3. Debate participation worth 5% of grade. 4. Debate position paper worth 5% of grade. 5. Your participation in other groups’ debates worth 3% of grade. 6. Five page paper on assigned topic on Mama Lola worth 15% of grade 7. Transcript of interview submission worth 10% of grade 8. Seven page paper on interview worth 20% of grade. This paper will be submitted in lieu of a final exam.
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3300_Syllabus - Syllabus REL3300/WomenandReligion MW4:406...

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