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1REL/HIST 4125 HISTORY OF ANCIENT ISRAEL Fall, 2009 Instructor : Stuart Irvine, 115 Coates, 578-6528, sirvine@lsu.edu. . Office hours: 9:00-10:30 MW. Course Description REL/HIST 4125 surveys Israelite history from its beginning to the Persian period. The main goal is to become skillful at historical reconstruction, which includes the critical evaluation of ancient sources, especially the Hebrew Bible. The format of the course balances short lectures with class discussion and student reports. Texts 1. J.M. Miller and J.H. Hayes, A History of Ancient Israel and Judah . 2d ed.; Louisville: Westminster John Knox, 2006. 2. The Bible. Any modern translation is acceptable. Requirements and Evaluation 1. Short writing exercises (typed, double-spaced, one page maximum) relating to the required reading, each due on the date of the assignment (20%). These will be spot-checked 7 times during the semester and marked as “pass” or “half-pass.” Your sum of passes will be scored as follows: 7 passes = 100; 6 passes =
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Unformatted text preview: 92; 5 passes =82; 4 passes =72; 3 passes =62; 2 passes =52; 1 pass=42; 0 passes = 0. 2. A critical review (4-5 typed pages) of a scholarly essay on an aspect of Israelite history, along with a short oral presentation to the class (25%). 3. A take-home test (25%), consisting of two polished essays (3-4 pages each). 4. A take-home final (30%), consisting of two polished essays (4-5 pages each). Schedule of Topics and Readings Aug 24 and 26. The historians approach; the question of Israels origins. . HAIJ, 1-29, 30-83, 84; L. Grabbe, Are Historians of Ancient Palestine Fellow Creaturesor Different Animals? 19-36 (Moodle). Optional: R. Collingwood, The Historical Imagination 231-49 (Moodle); H. Shanks, Biblical Minimalism: Expunging Ancient Israels Past, 32-39, 50-52 (Moodle). 31. Pre-monarchical Israel, ca. 1150-1050 BCE Judges 1-8, 11-12, 17-21; HAIJ, 84-118....
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