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Service Request - A-1 Information Systems Phone 838-9009...

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A-1 Information Systems Phone: 838-9009 Fax: 838-1115 Internet: http://www.a1.com Intranet: http://www.a1.is.com/is DATE OF REQUEST SERVICE REQUESTED FOR ORGANIZATION 03/15/2006 Human Resources SUBMITTED BY (key user contact) EXECUTIVE SPONSOR (funding authority) Name Dotty Jones Name Peter Charles Title Employee Relations Manager Title President Office 1016, Bldg. 16 Office Phone 838-1040 Phone ext. 5 TYPE OF SERVICE REQUESTED: Information Strategy Planning Existing Application Enhancement Business Process Analysis and Redesign Existing Application Maintenance (problem fix) New Application Development Not Sure Other (please specify ________________________________________________________ BRIEF STATEMENT OF PROBLEM, OPPORTUNITY, OR DIRECTIVE (attach additional documentation as necessary) Current practices of maintaining employee information such as address, telephone, and beneficiary data, and deductions have each of these changes being processed by an extensive manual effort. There is often a several day lag time before the employee’s information can be updated online once the
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  • Spring '09
  • madhu
  • Telephone exchange, A-1 Information Systems, Employee Relations Manager Office, Jones Title Employee, Resources EXECUTIVE SPONSOR

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