BI F09 O4, CW9 C26 SNPs

BI F09 O4, CW9 C26 SNPs - BIO3350 Dr Kolchenko CW9 Todays...

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BIO3350 Dr. Kolchenko CW9 Today’s assignments include: 9A - Reviewing Concept 26 that discusses the possible origin of life and the roles that RNA could play in it. 9B - Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms. Reading assignment is chapter 2 and a section on SNPs posted in the end. Save your answers and questions for assignments 9A and 9B as a 1997-2003 Word file (if you are using the latest Word program for Vista, select the 2003 version) and submit it to the CW9 in the lab section page by Thursday, October 29, 11:59 p.m. The name of the file should include: CW9, space, your last name. The name of the submission must be the same. At the top of the 1 st page there should be: your name, date, BIO 3350, CW9, and my name. Please insert page numbers at the bottom on the right. If the submission is late, the assignment cannot get more than 80% of the credit. If it is late for more than a week, there is no credit for the assignment. Please do not wait until the very last minute because there may be problems with internet connection, etc., and it is always better to have some time in reserve. Let me know if you have any questions. Best regards, Dr. Kolchenko Assignment 9A In order to do assignment 9A, go to and review the following concept. Concept 26. RNA was the first genetic molecule. Here, we discuss the origin of life and the multiple roles that RNA could play in this process, as an information storage and processing molecule and as an enzyme (catalyst). What is the proof? It is the discovery that RNA plays some of these special roles in the cells today, after billions of years of evolution. After reading the Concept page, answer the following questions. 1. What are the roles that different RNA molecules can play in the genetic information flow from DNA to protein? 2. What kind of enzyme activity can RNA perform? 3. What could explain the fact that RNA plays so many roles in the flow of genetic information? 1
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4. If RNA was the first molecule of heredity, what features it had to evolve? 5. What was the advantage of switching to DNA as a carrier of genetic information? Please explain. After reading Animation pages, answer the following questions: 1. What did make the Earth an inhospitable place billions of years ago? 2. Which gases were in the atmosphere at the time? 3. In the system that simulated pre-life conditions on Earth, what represented the “atmosphere” and what represented the “ocean”? 4. What were the sources of energy in the origin of life experiments? 5. What organic molecules were produced in these experiments, in the beginning and later stages? 6. Which molecules could join and form longer chains? 7. What was the first molecule most likely to be able to store information and replicate
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BI F09 O4, CW9 C26 SNPs - BIO3350 Dr Kolchenko CW9 Todays...

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