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Microbiology 225 Exam 4 Diseases Study Guide
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Bio 225 Exam 4 Objectives Chapters 21 - 26: For each microbial disease listed give the following if applicable: 1. Name of the disease 2. Etiological agent 3. Transmission of the etiological agent 4. Signs and symptoms 5. Clinical diagnosis - How you diagnose the disease. 6. Laboratory diagnosis - Special laboratory tests used if any. 7. Pathology - How the organism causes the disease. 8. Prevention 9. Treatment Chapter 21: Diseases of the Skin 1. Folliculitis 2. Sties 3. Furuncle (boil) 4. Carbuncles 5. Impetigo of the new born 6. Scalded skin syndrome 7. Toxic shock syndrome 8. Cellulitis 9. Myositis 10. Necrotizing fascititis 11. Erysipelas 12. Impetigo 13. Otitis externa 14. Dermatitis 15. Burn infections 16. Wound infections 17. Acne 18. Warts 19. Smallpox 20. Chickenpox 21. Shingles 22. Cold sores 23. Genital herpes 24. Measles 25. Rubella 26. Congenital rubella syndrome 27. Fifth disease 28. Contagious conjunctivitis 29. Ringworm 30. Sporotrichosis 31. Thrush 32. Vaginitis (candidiasis) 33. Scabies
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